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The company operates in Treviso, in the northeastern part of Italy and it is part of the Corazzin Group, a symbol of assurance for quality and design in the context  of the furniture. This includes 10 manufacturing plants with different corporate brands and a sales office where you will find the exhibition area and the Foreign Trade. In total, considering the production facilities and management, the Corazzin Group covers an area of 360.000 square meters well.

Our brand Confort Line is present on the market today with different lines of upholstered product with fabric and leather sofas, sofa beds, upholstered beds and many accessories with the possibility of having all this with fireproof materials.

100% made in Italy:
Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Labor: Our product is 100% made in Italy to preserve the Italian aesthetic choices and qualitative, distinctive signs of our cultural roots.

“A good sofa is often what is most effective way to strike up a conversation” - Pierre Dac

The space of your own home is seen as a wellness oasis where to retreat in order to devote himself to the care of themselves and their own interests and the choice of the sofa has become a kind of mirror in which to recognize ..
… and we want to be a photograph of it all; In fact, the design intended for a young public and not only, the choice of top quality materials and environmentally friendly, the facilities tested and fillings of the highest quality, ensure to each model the maximum durability while a wide choice of coverings provides a unique customization, thanks to the original fabrics collections.

Our target is to provide solutions for those who wants to make their own unique living space, thanks to the wide modularity of the models and the possibility of realizing special proposals. The company also provides assistance and support technical through our sales network always close to the customer.