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The bed is made up of a few basic elements:
  •     the headboard with a thousand different aesthetics
  •     the bed frame h. cm. 4, h. cm. 11 o h. cm. 28 with different aesthetics
  •     feet from h. cm. 5 to cm 20
  •     the network with staves or other materials
  •     the mattress with multiple heights and different characteristics
The combination of these elements may seem complex and infinite but if we focus only on the bed (let's exclude the mattress for a moment), we discover that there are basically only 2 types of bed available to furnish your home:
  1. the bed with suspended bed frame h. 11, then lifted from the ground with visible legs or visible
  2. the bed with a 28 cm high bed frame. that inside can have a container compartment. This type of bed can be raised from the ground up to a certain height.
The former is chosen for aesthetic reasons and for cleaning, the latter becomes an intelligent solution when cabinets and drawers are not able to contain enough things.

Of course, the space under the mattress can not be the only solution to the problem of space in a house, but it is certainly a great help and allows you to store in an orderly and discreet a large number of bulky things or items that are rarely used (type duvets, blankets, pillows etc.).

The container beds are therefore those special beds that can be opened and folded away, using simple and practical mechanisms placed laterally inside the container compartment. The mechanism allows both the opening for convenient access to the container compartment, and the lifting of the network in an extremely easy way, so as to be able to completely redo the bed without effort and in full ergonomics.

Here is how to choose a bed:
  1. identify the aesthetics of a headboard you like
  2. see if you prefer the suspended bed or with the optional container system.
  3. choose the height of the foot ...
and you're done!

Simple, no?